New Chicago Condo: Emerald Chicago

Condos making an eco-friendly impact!

A new addition to the Chicago family of urban, contemporary styled condos is Emerald Chicago, a "eco-friendly" condominium building being erected in the West Loop. Many real estate investors have recently poured millions of dollars into new condominium construction, however, Emerald Chicago is a first in its class. Since the new construct will reside on Green Street its theme is "GREEN". What this means to prospective investors and new home buyers is, an environmentally safe, unique living structure with massive potential for economic growth.

The Chicago Tribune recently stated:

"Eco-friendly materials and ultra-stylish amenities in one of the city’s largest residential lobbies Chicago— Emerald, a new condominium development planned for Chicago’s West Loop, will be built on Green Street. So, naturally it’s environmentally-friendly. Eco-friendly and ultra-stylish. Beautiful “green” amenities include bamboo flooring (a resource that's renewable and also 25% stronger than hardwood), natural stone on walls and floors and eco-friendly paint. Additionally, there’s recycled glass terrazzo flooring, recycled aluminum countertops and other LEED-certified materials in the soaring atrium lobby that are free of harmful chemicals and particles."

Location is key

The West Loop, part of the Downtown Chicago Loop family, recently acquired the new calling of "The New Loop". Why? Well ongoing property developments and consistent additions of retail chains and restaurants have given the "Loop" new life. From young aristocrats to mature business persons, the Emerald Chicago's location, just off of Monroe and Halsted provides the very best the New Loop has to offer. Easy accessibility to high profiled shopping along the Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park just a 5 minute drive away, and featured restaurants galore!

As far as staying active in the community, there are tons of festivals, galas, and cultural events to spark anyone's interest. Close to the Emerald Chicago's location are numerous art galleries and for the movers and shakers the Emerald will house many convenient retail chains, such as Star Bucks for the on the move coffee drinkers and Firth Third Bank for those needing to deal with financial matters. Also available are dry cleaning services.

When you're located just minutes away from the very heart of the city its not hard to realize that you're at the pinnacle of society.

Metro Meets Environmental

The first thing any condo buyer will be in awe of is the Emerald's expansive lobby, with green accents and plush furnishings it is the epitome of the "meeting" spot; a place to gather and to arrive before a night out on the town. Coupled with a private bar known as Club Emerald, and a room called the Entrepreneur Board Room - the name speaks for itself, and the Green Room, Emerald equips owners with everything that is needed for relaxation, work and play.

The building houses a state of the art fitness center for home owners to stay in shape and get in gear for the busy Loop lifestyle. The private bar is equipped with surround sound speakers, a kitchenette, plenty of space; just what is needed to get the party going. The Green Room features a high definition plasma screen and condo owners are invited to host movie nights and the like within this sheekly furnished area.

If you're looking for luxurious views of Chicago, easy access to shopping, restaurants, art and more, Emerald offers home owners all of the above. Located in the every growing and diverse neighborhood of the West Loop, this condo building will be at the top of its class; let alone the only one!