Chicago Condos Search - How to Most Efficiently Find the Condo of Your Dreams

Performing a Chicago Condos search doesn't have to be a chore. By following some simple steps, you can proceed with confidence and make the most of this important task.

Now that you know you want to buy a Condo, you may not know exactly where to start searching for your perfect abode. The truth is, you shouldn’t just stick to one method of searching. Employing many different search methods will help you to find the Condo of your dreams more quickly and efficiently. Four ways that you can search for new Condos include driving the neighborhoods, searching online, reading the newspapers and real estate magazines, and by contact a real estate agent.

Drive Neighborhoods

One of the most exciting ways to search for your new Condo is by driving around the neighborhoods. You can get a sense of what certain neighborhoods run in prices and figure out which neighborhoods you like best. Collect flyers and brochures from the houses that you like. Searching the neighborhoods not only allows you to view the properties that real estate companies have for sale, but also allows you to inspect the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) market in the Chicago area. Many FSBO’s do not joining any type of listing service, so seeing the sign may be the only way you will know of certain FSBO houses for sale.

Search Online

Searching the internet for listings has become one of the most popular ways to find houses for sale. Start with bigger, overarching websites like, or branch websites such as Coldwell Then you can check out the features on the local real estate companies’ websites. You may want to put in inquires for more information through some of the websites; just know that when you give them your name, they will probably keep in contact with you.

Read the Newspapers and Real Estate Mags

Make sure that you read the newspaper everyday to keep up with the real estate market. Many agencies post featured ads on certain properties and share special information with the public. Also, you will find a schedule of open houses online. Open houses are a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, so again, read the paper for the schedules. Also, keep updated versions of real estate magazines. Its nice to have a printed reference of houses that you are interested in.

Talk with a Real Estate Agent

Perhaps the best way to go about searching for Condos is to speak with a real estate agent. They will sit down with you and help you determine what price you want to pay for your Condo as well as what areas of Chicago you like. They will then set up appointments with you to go view houses and help you through the buying process.