3 Easy Steps to Ensure Your Chicago Condo’s Uniqueness

Chicago Condos:  Home Selection at Its Best

The mistake many home buyers first make is in the assumption that they are selecting the right area to purchase their new home.  Chicago offers home owners boundless opportunities when it comes to new home selection, design, and quality craftsmanship.  The standard thought on major metropolitan homes is that they are artificial and carry a superficial air, rather than a distinguished and unique appeal.  This is arguably inaccurate as many of the Chicago condos available are conversion homes and Chicago is a city full of history.  The architectural structures are renovated and redefined with uncompromised efficiency and superior standards, since 59% of the Chicago housing stock was built before 1950, housing officials must ensure structural integrity.

When you select a Chicago home, you are selecting some of the best homes on the real estate market.


Chicago condos come pre-designed with luxury amenities and features, so to make sure your home appeals to your sense of individuality, sometimes it can take a bit of tweaking.  Now this can be difficult, as how do you compete with high end furnishings and accents like: stainless steel appliances, chrome faucets, custom cabinetry, marble finished bathrooms, exquisite hardwood floors and more?

Well that’s why you’re reading this article!

In order to make your condominium stand out from the standard finishes there are many changes that can be made that add a distinct atmosphere.  Many home owners, with traditional family homes, opt to buying accents that feature specific rooms, like adding new lighting fixtures to the bathrooms or changing the standard door knobs for more elegant pieces.  Others choose to add more decorative art to the walls.  However, many traditional homes don’t already come elegantly furnished, so these are the types of things you would want to do.  When purchasing a Chicago condo, you’re able to go above and beyond traditional means and here you will find 3 easy steps to updating your condo from luxury to elite.

STEP ONE:  Ceiling Fans (add one or two)

For many decades, ceiling fans have been seen as an indispensable home appliance in every home and have certainly proven that they can easily compete with other more modern and state of the art home products.  Even if your condo comes with central air and heating, the constant modification and enhancements of ceiling fans have significantly helped in ensuring that these fans will not be rendered obsolete or outmoded by the aggressive entry of highly sophisticated products.

Adding a few contemporary ceiling fan units can enhance vaulted loft or condo ceilings, provide enhanced air circulation, and highlight the spacious living room and bedroom areas.  This is not only affordable but beneficial in supporting quality ventilation throughout your home.

STEP TWO: Area Rugs

What better way to decorate your modern home than with contemporary area rugs?  Adding to the motif you’ve already accomplished by adding furniture, adding a few significantly place area rugs can actually have more than one purpose.  Aside from having them as mere embellishments in open areas which can create a morose affect, their addition to your home also serves as a protection for the floor and an insulator during the winter.

This is another cost-effective solution in which all that is necessary is for you to simply select, buy, and say good-bye to boring standardized decorating.

STEP THREE: Bathroom Accessories

Since we don’t necessarily want to cover or take away from our bathroom, which is typically ceramic tiled or marble finished, we want to compliment it with our bathroom accessories.  Many buyers neglect that this is a crowning feature of most bathrooms and what will distinguish your bathroom from hundreds of other condominium owners.  For some this is an overwhelming task, but there are simple steps in achieving a superior bathroom layout.

Elegantly designed marble bath accessories are great for any bathroom as well as affordable.

Bath accessories should be carefully chosen not only to suit your taste, but also to go with your bathroom’s color.  Remember the significance of choosing the right bath accessories: 
1.  Match your bathroom; otherwise, instead of creating an impressive bathroom, it might end up a mess.
2.  Set up the bathroom in such a way that it not only provides you the comfort, solitude and sense of satisfaction you desire, but also displays your own unique tastes and offers comfort to others.  This is not too hard.

The key here is your imagination combined with your taste, and most of all, simply select an entire set, as they typically come prepared so that all pieces compliment one another.

That’s it, you’re set.  Now all you have to do, now that you know how to design your perfect home, is select one to move into.  My suggestion, search for Chicago Condos online and make an informed decision.

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