312 Chicago
312 Chicago is set in the heart of the city and offer a unique approach to dining, with club like atmosphere. This fine dining experience has great appeal with the fast paced Downtown Chicago crowd.
A new addition to Chicago's fine dining is specialty cupcakes. This restaurant features dozens of tasty treats all from creative and unique recipes devised by the staff. 613 W Briar pl Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 525-0817
Everest Restaurant One of the country’s premier dining rooms, Everest is located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Chicago Entertainment: Restaurants

Chicago is home to some of the best restaurants in the nation and possibly even the world.  The selection ranges from formal five star establishments to home style family diners, with everything possible in between.  Any type of food you would like to sample can be found somewhere in the city, and it would be impossible to taste them all. But you can embark on your own little culinary adventure and give your taste buds a thrill by eating at some of the following great restaurants in Chicago.

Charlie Trotter's on 816 West Armitage is a prime example of a restaurant known for fine dining.  Chef Trotter is a master at the art of cooking.  You might recognize him from the popular PBS show called Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter.  He has also penned over a dozen cookbooks and markets his own organic food supplies.  

Chef Trotter's restaurant has been serving fantastic meals for two decades and has also branched out into take out.  For seven years he has successfully ran Trotter's To Go, which is a take out business in Lincoln Park.

For a classic and delicious American burger, O’Neil’s Bar & Grill on 152 East Ontario Street claims to cook the best burger in Chicago.  They also serve up a whopping hot dog and juicy sirloin steak sandwich.  Prices are just as good as the food at O’Neil’s.

Another favorite burger stop in town is Mike Ditka's on 100 East Chestnut Street.  As you would suppose, the restaurant is decorated with sports in mind, but also has the feel of a nice restaurant as opposed to just a run of the mill sports bar.  Besides a great burger, they serve up steaks, fish and seafood plus soups and salads.  The restaurant has outdoor seating and the private dining room can be booked.

Heaven On Seven actually sits on 111 North Wabash on the 7th Floor.  With twenty-seven years of cooking experience, Heaven On Seven is one of the best places to go for Cajun food.
Anything on the menu is a safe bet, according to anyone who has eaten there. 

Wishbone, located on 1001 West Washington, is a fun place to bring your family and enjoy some southern style food.  This bright spot is known for having the best Key Lime Pie you will find on this side of Dixie.  Comfort food such as old fashioned ham, corn muffins and chicken anchor the menu at Wishbone.

Italian cuisine is at its best at Giordano's Restaurant on 730 North Rush Street.  Serving customers since 1924, Giordano's specializes in stuffed crust pizza and pasta dishes.  Besides the main restaurant on Rush Street, there are other locations throughout the city.

If nothing will do but the best steak you can find, then dinner at Gibson’s Steakhouse on 1028 North Rush Street is where you should eat.  This restaurant is a favorite stop for the movers and shakers in town, and you are likely to see anyone from celebrities to lawmakers at Gibson's. 

Chicago deep dish pizza is done right at all of the twenty-one Lou Malnati's Pizzerias in Chicago.  This pizza restaurant chain has been tossing dough since the '70s and is the oldest family-owned and run pizzeria in the city.
21 family owned Chicago land pizzerias.

Nick's Fishmarket & Grill on 51 South Clark Street is unique in that you can have excellent seafood, beef burger, steak or chicken all in one stop.  The restaurant offers some fantastic wines and mixed drinks to go with the meals, and they also serve up Key Lime Pie for dessert.

Speaking of chicken, Harold's Chicken Shack on 1208 East 53rd Street and other locations in Chicago might not be as classy as the upscale Trotter's, but the fried chicken is a work of art.  Whether you have it plain or with hot sauce, the chicken at Harold's is something you won't soon forget. 

These are just a few examples of the restaurants in Chicago.  The list is almost endless, and the food selections are amazing.  Bring your appetite and enjoy.