Bronzeville Children's Museum
Children explore art and culture while having a great time. Located in the neighborhood of Evergreen Park, this is the premier site for educational fun for kids.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago's Art Institute showcases select art from around the globe. Student entry is free on Tues. and Thurs.

Chicago Entertainment: Museums

Chicago can lay claim to some of the most extensive and fascinating museums in the nation.  From an educational objective to an entertainment focus, there are numerous museums that provide a great opportunity to experience something new and perhaps learn something in the process.

The International Museum of Surgical Science, located at 1524 North Lakeshore Drive, is a one of a kind museum.  Highlighting some of the more unusual points of medicine and science, it is a must see.  The exhibit called Beyond Broken Bones is a visual history lesson on prosthetics and orthopedics that spans the time frame from ancient Egypt to modern times.  Biological Cartography and Sympathetic Coordination are two more unique exhibits.  Admission is free on Tuesdays and the museum is available for special tours and events.

For all of the radio and television fans, the Museum of Broadcast Communications showcases the history of broadcast.  You can relive your black and white days there.  The museum is temporarily closed until 2008 while it relocates from its former address on North State Street to State and Kenzie.

The Loyola University Museum of Art on 6525 North Sheridan Road strives to present the questions and answers posed by the artistic expression of religious and spiritual beliefs of faiths.  The museum has a large collection of Medieval and Renaissance works.

The famed The Art Institute of Chicago on 111 South Michigan Avenue contains one of the biggest art museum libraries on file in the world.  It was founded in 1879 and is advertised as having a collection of a span of over five thousand years of art and objects from all over the world.   The Art Institute School is ranked as having one of the finest graduate programs in existence.  Admission is free on Tuesdays.

The sprawling fifty-four acre Museum Campus on the Lake in Chicago is home to three amazing museums.  The Field Museum of Natural History on 1400 South Lake Shore Drive is an incredible experience for anyone of any age.  The exhibits and collections are diverse and fascinating.  There is an entire collection of primitive pieces gathered from ancient Egypt, Tibet and the Pacific Northwest territory as well as Native American pieces.  Taxidermied animals as large as elephants and the killer lions made famous by the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" are on display.  A huge dinosaur collection can be seen along with the biggest T-Rex skeleton ever found.   Visitors can view rare gems as well as an exhibit containing twenty-three mummies.

Another attraction at Museum Park is the Shedd Aquarium on 1200 South Lake Shore Drive. This dome shaped building is Greek in design and detailed inside and out with sea life images such as shells and waves. With more than 2,100 aquatic specimens such as marine mammals, amphibians, insects, snakes, fish and birds, the Shedd is one of the most often visited aquariums in the country.  

Some of the exhibits include a real Caribbean reef in a 90,000 gallon tank, the Oceanarium exhibit filled with marine mammals and the 750 gallon Wild Reef which is a mini Philippine coral reef.  Add in the sharks, dolphins, rays, beluga whales, sea otters and dozens of other species and it's east to see why the Shedd is so popular.

Finally, the Adler Planetarium on 1300 South Lake Shore Drive rounds out the trio of Museum Campus facilities.  At Adler, visitors can take in exhibits featuring solar system models and antique sky viewing equipment, maps, charts and books.  There are two areas in Adler where detailed images of constellations, planets and stars in the night time sky are projected.  

These are only a few examples of the museums available to the public.  Chicago’s museums are as diverse, educational and entertaining as the city itself is, so don’t miss an opportunity to visit them.