Solis Chicago is a new Hotel Condo development in Chicago offering luxury amenities to private residence owners.
Raffaello Chicago
Raffaello Chicago shares its 5 star service with condominium owners. Luxury Chicago Hotel Condominium building.
Chicago Condo Hotels
Insight on today's Chicago Condo Hotel Market. Find out what it means to be a Chicago Condo Hotel unit owner.

Chicago condo hotels offer an upgrade to luxury condominium standards. Coupled with daily house cleaning, laundering services, fine-dining, and atmosphere, the standard of luxury is unparalleled when it comes to Chicago condo hotels. Owners can enjoy worry free living and can enroll in rental programs if they are not available to occupy the unit on a regular basis. This can decrease the cost of living substantially for Chicago condo hotel residents as well as give way to a secondary source of revenue. Unlike in traditional condominium settings, condo hotels take care of everything so that you don't have to. 

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