Which Chicago property is right for you?

The only way to know is get out and view some Chicago real estate in different areas. As every Chicagoan knows, location is key and there are definitely some factors that make Chicago neighborhoods prevail: transportation, community programs, parks and recreation, are just a few of the distinguishing attributes that make each neighborhood worth looking into.

Chicago neighborhoods are some of the most lovely and unique neighborhoods in the country. Chicago neighborhoods are attracting the most young families and upscale home buyers. Why? Though it's been called the city of big shoulders, Chicago neighborhoods are mostly low-to-the-ground brown stones and bungalows, but recent developments have resulted in several condominiums, town homes, and lofts being erected throughout the city. Chicago neighborhoods are constantly changing and growing. Chicago neighborhoods are affordable to people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds. Chicago neighborhoods are full of culture, class and distinction.


The city of Chicago is divided into seventy-seven community areas. Many Chicago neighborhoods are zoned and require parking permits in order to park on the street in an effort to free up parking for residents. Learn from local church, school, not-for-profit leaders, and unions about community organizing initiatives to improve life in Chicago neighborhoods. The New Communities Program (NCP) is an ardent program to maintain comprehensive community development in 16 Chicago neighborhoods.

Parks and Recreation

The more than five hundred small parks and playgrounds throughout Chicago's neighborhoods are a distinguishing legacy of progressive change and reformation. Although the city is home to world-renowned parks, some Chicago neighborhoods have very little open space and this is why parks play an integral role in residential areas.

Millennium Park is the newest of Chicago's parks, opening finally in 2004. In the early 1900's, city planners created a system of parks and tree-lined boulevards to connect Chicago's neighborhoods. The Chicago Park District has 552 parks and 33 beaches.

Department of Transportation and Chicago Neighborhoods

Public transportation is a benefit in this city. A great way to explore and get a feel for the neighborhoods is to take public transportation via the Chicago Transit Authority. In fact, Chicago's Transit Authority boasts the nation's second largest public transportation system. Private entities also offer many transportation services. The Metra, Pace Bus, and other means of transportation are readily available and assist in connected every neighborhood.

Part of what makes Chicago so great is its neighborhoods. If you plan to purchase real estate in Chicago, Chicago condominiums are an excellent choice as a single-family home, vacation property, or investment property. Find the neighborhood and property that best fits your needs here.