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The Enclave at Galewood Crossings - Condominiums

There’s a new cable network getting started by the name of Retirement Living TV, which is the first to target people 55 and older, is coming to Chicago’s Erickson Tribune Fair. TV celebrities John Palmer and Adam West will be taping segments for the new show they’re hosting called Daily Cafe. The focus of their interest will be the communities of Sedgebrook and Monarch Landing which are two of the most progressive “retirement campus” style places for Seniors to live.

Over the two days, West and Palmer will be at Monarch Landing on Saturday and on Sedgebrook on Sunday. Monarch Landing is located in Naperville just a few miles west of Chicago. Sedgebrook is located 20 miles from Lincolnshire.

Retirement Living TV is excited to launch with two of the biggest icons in classic television, and hopes that the viewers of the new channel will identify with them and be entertained by them.

Adam West is probably best known for his role as Batman in the extremely popular 1966 version of the self-same show. He’s been in over 60 movies and appeared on over 80 television shows, one of the more recent as a role voice acting a cartoon version of himself as the mayor of Quahog in the popular animated series Family Guy.

Palmer is best known as a correspondent for NBC News and has interviewed many of the most powerful, interesting, influential, and iconic figures of his era.

We’re honored that they chose Chicago and the suburbs as a place to showcase a place of ideal suburban living. Many retirees have high demands on the quality of life where they live, so whether or not you are in your golden years, condos and houses in Chicago’s suburbs are a great choice for anyone who favors a high quality of life.

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Taxman plans to acquire $100 Million in real estate

Some exciting big-ticket news in the high real estate world today: Terrapin-Taxman LLC bought a 79,000 square foot site at the intersection of Madison and Halsted in Chicago. Working togeter with The Taxman Corp. from Skokie, IL., they have bought the property they plan to develop on from MB Financial Bank.

The price of the primo property hasn’t been disclosed, but they have announced that there will be $100 million in new development in both condos and retail.

The bank that owned the property had it sitting around as surplus real estate, and the new developers are excited to acquire the property. Seeing as the land is highly visible and in a great location, whatever they paid for it will likely pay off in spades. Near downtown and visible to several major thoroughfares, good planning and development will definitely lead to a wise investment on the part of the new owners.

The development group has been doing other developments in the area that have been shaping up well, leading to an interest in this property.

The plans so far are to have two separate buildings. One will feature 100,000 square feet or more of retail. The developers would like to have a “great retail corridor” under their belt to compliment their mostly-residential portfolio so far. Taxman Corp. has much more of a retail bent, and their expertise is being called upon to make sure this is a success.

The Walgreen’s across the street is already interested in moving in, as is an as-of-yet unnamed high-end grocery store. The community so far seems interested in the development.

The other building will contain up to 230 condominiums. If you like keeping track of under-development real estate, be sure to take a look at the Chicago Spire which looks to be one of the most ambitious real estate projects in history—and almost definitely the biggest in Chicago.

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Eco18 to be Greenest Condos in Chicago

Congratulations are in order for eco18, a Dynaprop Development Corp. property designed by Wight & Co., that has 98 units up on sale. They are the first building to meet the ecologically prestigious “Tier Three” status as defined by Chicago’s Green Permit Program.

The standards for “Tier Three” are very high and go well above the minimum requirements set by the U.S. Green Building Council. The eco18 project’s designers have worked hard to make every last detail of the project eco-friendly, even during construction. Water use, waste carting, shipping building supplies, and even geothermal cooling and heating have been employed to make just building the complex have a minimal environmental impact.

While other projects try to skate by at the minimum, eco18’s team has gone above and beyond to strive for the highest levels of eco-friendly certification, and are being duly rewarded. With the highest Tier Three level, the permit process is streamlined quite a bit, and the permit consultation review fees which run about $50,000 for something of eco18’s size has been completely waived. Nearly 134 green permits have been issued so far by Chicago’s Department of Construction and Permits, but so far eco18 is the only one to achieve the feat of complying to the highest tier of compliance.

Possibly the coolest feature of the project for sustainable energy is the solar-thermal collector array on the top of the 12-story roof. It will heat water and be specially tuned to produce up to half of the water heating load the residents demand. Overlapping that is a looping geothermal ground piping that will satisfy roughly 75 percent of the water heating needs.

You can find out more about other interesting and niche new condos in Chicago on our comprehensive Chicago condo directory.

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