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Chicago Homes Administrator on 23 Jan 2007

New Chicago Condos: Albany Park Homes

Chicago is a place with vast culture and history.  It offers unique and diverse neighborhoods.  One such neighborhood is Albany Park.  A refreshingly unique area that has shown persistent growth and development over the years.

Albany Park is a great Chicago neighborhood to take up residence in, and to its ranks of new Chicago homes, Albany Park has added 5 new condo listings.  Within the past 3 days 5 new Chicago condos have been listed in Albany Park.  These new home listings range from 1-3 bedrooms in size and are priced between $185,000 and $300,000.

For the singles and/or couples looking for someplace nice and cozy in a great neighborhood, the 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit located at 4709 N. Lawndale, featuring: hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, maple cabinets is a perfect blend of luxury and affordablity.

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Chicago Homes Administrator on 14 Jan 2007

Extreme Makeover: New Chicago Home

Ever heard of a reality TV show called, Extremem Makeover?  Well a Chicago family was selected as the recipient of a new home thanks to this reality TV show.

Pretty much what occurs is, a family in need/deemed deserving, is selected by the Extreme Makeover team, by way of suggestions from viewers, home owners, etc.  After being selected the family is contacted, reviewed, and the end result is a team compiled of construction workers, interior designers, and more give either an existing home a make over or they actually give a new home to the family.

The team goes to work designing a home that is not only convenient but highlights the utmost desires of the family the home is intended for, i.e., if the Dad is a huge football buff, the new home typically features a spacious home entertainment area complete with Flat Screen television and all the makings.

Now, the team will come to Chicago and do their magic by giving a Chicago family a new Chicago home.  Isn’t that exciting.  Getting a new Chicago home absolutely free is something many home buyers in Chicago dream of, and now one lucky family will get that opportunity.

Hopefully viewers will tune in to see what this new home in Chicago will offer, as they offer some very keen insight on updating and refinishing your home to suit modern stylings and still maintain convention and frugality.

Congrats to another new home in the Chicago area and definitely to the famiy receiving this new luxury Chicago home.

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Chicago Homes Administrator on 10 Jan 2007

Are You Looking in the Right Locations?

One of the primary concerns of home buyers today is cost. And why wouldn’t it be? The price of new homes is changing and Chicago condos pricing structure is changing throughout the Chicagoland area and suburbs.

Have you taken the time to look into all the great locations Chicago has to offer?

Many home buyers seeking to move to the Chicago area simply don’t look at the surrounding suburbs like Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Naperville and many others that are within 20 minutes of Chicago’s Loop and Downtown locations.

Condos in Evanston give access to the lake as well as an easy commute to Chicago and great affordability. You can find homes with costs ranging from $100K - $300K that suit your every need, are in close proximity to Northwestern University and Downtown Chicago schools like: Columbia, The Art Institute, DePaul, and more.

Naperville offers condos that are currently valued at $500K - $2 million at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re going to make a decision on living in Chicago, make sure you check every location that is accessible for the best rates. Mortgage rates are still low, and the many incentive programs currently being installed by various realtors will ensure you close at a great price.

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