Various Real Estate Predictions for 2007
Experts from the worlds of real estate, finance, and economics have all made predictions recently about what the home and condo market will look like in 2007—and what effects it will have on the rest of the economy.
Chicago Condos: Premier Location for Vacation Rentals
Majestic Getaways Inc. is a company that provides vacation rental properties throughout the Midwest. They tout a vast variety of vacation rental homes, condos, and properties in Chicago and Ohio.
Function (and Finance) Trumps Form of Lakefront Spire
Garrett Kelleher, the developer who has taken over the “Chicago Spire” project on the city’s lakefront, has submitted a nearly total re-design of the condo tower to city officials for approval.
Huron Street Loft Auction News Brief
On Tuesday, December 5th, 2006, the 17 remaining unsold condos at 225 W. Huron will hit the auction block.
Buyer's Market Still Strong
The median sale price for Chicago condos has plummeted $12,000 since the end of October 2005�and there�s no reason to expect that price to come up anytime soon.

Real Estate Marketing: Internet Ingenuity 2.0

By Jori Ford

The real estate market has always deployed the most inventive and enterprisingtechniques to intrigue buyers. As the internet has developed over the yearsmore and more new technologically savvy techniques have been implemented thatwell surpass the standard brochure/pamphlet model.

The world wide web allows for buyers in any market the advanced capabilityof purchasing condominiums, town homes, lofts, and more all via the net. Userscan tour their new prospective homes online using virtual tours, assistanceand inquiries can be handled via e-mail and live help. Technology has justincreased the market more than 10 fold in offering wide spread capabilitiesfor real estate purchase.

With so much influence in today’s market, real estate marketers mustnow turn to more insightful tactics that entice buyers.

So what ingenious method are real estate marketers using now? YouTube!

YouTube allows users to upload video media to the internet for broadcastingworld wide, not to mention it puts viewers in touch with a true visually interactivemethod of reviewing new homes.

Neilsen (Net Ratings) categorizes YouTube as the most popular video uploadingwebsite, with close to 20 million unique viewers (June 2006). There are approximately2.4 billion videos being viewed on YouTube per month, which has marked thiswebsite as one of the top viral marketing hubs.

From savvy, video productions regaling waterfront condos to dimly lit, homemadetours of modest town homes, real-estate marketers are touting online videoas the next way to capture the attention of home buyers.

With today’s real estate market trends, buyers desire more, more information,and something more inventive. YouTube real estate marketing may be the waveof the future regarding real estate marketing online.

Will the Chicago Condo Market Follow Suit?

February 26, 2007

Last year there was consistent talk of the Chicago condominium market slowing and transitioning into a heavily saturated buyers market. So what is the projection for the 2007 first quarter sales?

Well developers have not slowed new construction nor have plans to halt constructionbeen considered. Why? New condominium construction offers home buyers morethan traditional condos have offered before, Chicago’s condo market is sureto prevail as areas along the North Shore as well as the South Shore are dedicatedto building upscale designs which are sure to intrigue new home buyers.

The Capital Investment Group recently broke ground in Ohio, on a new development which is said to not just offer "luxury" condos but truly give way to resort quality living. These 70 luxury condo units offer a variety of sizes ranging from approximately 1,110 sq. ft. to 7,000 sq. ft. This ensures a mix of condo owners within the 21 story tower, constructed of glass and concrete. The crescent shape offers a change in standard building construction and has been selected primarily to offer each unit owner a captivating skyline view, as well as a view of the Ohio River.

When Capital Investment Group decided the pricing for these units they aimed to both please buyers as well as facilitate maintaining the resort quality. No other riverfront condominiums currently offer a putting green or a private marina; however Capital has raised the bar. The application for a private 1,000 foot marina has already been filed, so the developers can offer a fitness center, swimming pool, and putting green.

From Chicago, lead architects Pappageorge/Haymes Ltd. are overseeing this project as well as the management company in charge of construction for Trump Towers Chicago.

Will Chicago be the next location for these resort style living, luxury condominiums? With a 2008 projected completion for South Shore Condos in Ohio, it is safe to say that Chicago developers will soon begin development on these same types of ultra luxury condominiums.

First condo hotels offering luxury and service beyond compare. Resort style condominiums next?